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21% Food Grade hydrogen Peroxide

Contains Zero Stabilizers. Our 21% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide  has numerous application usage. Always ensure to wear gloves when using

Black Seed Full Body Bitters Detox Cleanse

Black Seed Bitters Detox Beverage Detoxify and cleanse your body with this healing drink from Ghana. This powerful beverage is

Burdock Root Cut & Sifted

The benefits of burdock root are wide-ranging and sure to impress. Here are some of the top ways it can

CGA 540 Gold Low Flow Industrial Oxygen Tank Regulator

The CGA 540 industrial low flow oxygen tank regulator is ideal for use with ozone applications. This regulator comes with

Heavy Metal & Chemical Cleanse


What Is Heavy Metal & Chemical Cleanse?

Herbal Kidney Detox Siberian Herbs – Cranberry Birch Juniper 60 Capsules

Premium quality Siberian Green formulation of Herbal Kidney Detox with Cranberry extract, Birch powder, Junniper berry powder, and 18 other

Herpes Phone Consultation

Payment of $170

Liquid MSM Drops


What is MSM?

The Importance and function of MSM Drops
  • MSM is a dietary mineral vital for human health, function & appearance.
  • MSM stands for “Methyl/Sulfonyl/Methane”  which is a organo-sulfur compound and is a bioactive form of the non-metallic mineral Sulfur.
  • MSM is found in nature, and in every cell in the human body.
  • MSM is a water soluble mineral that is white in color and odorless.
  • MSM is an essential mineral, meaning that the body cannot make it by itself. It has be to taken in via food or supplementation.
  • Sadly, studies show that MSM (Organic Sulfur) is being rapidly depleted in the food supply due to our current commercial farming and production methods. Supplementation is key for proper Sulfur access.
  • Happy Body is a leader in specialty MSM supplements, and also provides MSM in it’s pure crystal form – called organic sulfur


Product Details:

Size: 4 floz. Glass Bottle With Glass Dropper.  Format: Pure, Distilled MSM 15% Liquid Solution. 3rd Party Certified Tested In: California. Shelf Life: 2 Years.