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Liquid MSM Drops


What is MSM?

The Importance and function of MSM Drops
  • MSM is a dietary mineral vital for human health, function & appearance.
  • MSM stands for “Methyl/Sulfonyl/Methane”  which is a organo-sulfur compound and is a bioactive form of the non-metallic mineral Sulfur.
  • MSM is found in nature, and in every cell in the human body.
  • MSM is a water soluble mineral that is white in color and odorless.
  • MSM is an essential mineral, meaning that the body cannot make it by itself. It has be to taken in via food or supplementation.
  • Sadly, studies show that MSM (Organic Sulfur) is being rapidly depleted in the food supply due to our current commercial farming and production methods. Supplementation is key for proper Sulfur access.
  • Happy Body is a leader in specialty MSM supplements, and also provides MSM in it’s pure crystal form – called organic sulfur


Product Details:

Size: 4 floz. Glass Bottle With Glass Dropper.  Format: Pure, Distilled MSM 15% Liquid Solution. 3rd Party Certified Tested In: California. Shelf Life: 2 Years.

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