Basic Ozone Insufflation Package

Basic Ozone Insufflation Package
Basic Ozone Insufflation Package

Basic Ozone Insufflation Package


This package includes everything you need for ozone insufflations and ozonated water.

If insufflations and drinking or using ozonated water are the most important aspects of ozone therapy for you, this package will provide everything you need.


This package includes: 

  • O3Elite Single or Dual Ozone Generator with tubing and connectors

  • 500ml Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo with Ozone Destruct
  • Teflon Earscope for Ear Insufflations
  • Two 60ml Ozone Syringes
  • Three  Multi-Chamber Insufflation Bags and ten Luer Locks Catheters 
  • PurO3 Ozonated Oil Sample Package 
  • (1 oz Ozonated Olive Oil, 1oz Tooth & Gum Support with Peppermint 10 pack of Ozonated Olive Oil Suppositories -$57.85 Value!)
  • All the tubing and connectors needed for setup, including a detailed visual instruction guide.

Which ozone generator is right for me?

If you are interested primarily in ozone insufflations, the O3Elite Single is all you'll need. If you want to ozonate water faster or plan to add more ozone applications later, the O3Elite Dual is an ideal choice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kiera bright
O3 elite ozone machine

Christian assisted me with setting up my machines and I have been using it everyday since then. Once set it very simple and easy to use

Quanteze McCullers
Very good product

Ozone machine

Dominique Brown
Ozone ????

OMG!!!! Best Machine money can buy.
very easy to set up, great customer service.
And if you were to have any problem setting anything up all you have to do is contact Chris he is great and very patient with helping you understand whatever it is you do not understand he will sit on the phone with you for 30 minutes to an hour until you understand exactly how to operate the Ozone machine. I asked him can I call him sometimes just for the support when Im feeling discouraged, he said, yes! That made me happy ??

Javaughn Wilson

Great ozone!

Ozone Machine

My ozone machine is setup and ready to go thanks to Christian. This was so worth the investment. I am excited for this healing journey!

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