O3Elite Single Ozone Generator

O3Elite Single Ozone Generator
O3Elite Single Ozone Generator
O3Elite Single Ozone Generator
O3Elite Single Ozone Generator
O3Elite Single Ozone Generator
O3Elite Single Ozone Generator

O3Elite Single Ozone Generator


The O3Elite Single Ozone Generator is ideal for insufflations, cupping, and many other ozone applications.

Perfect for most ozone applications except saunas

The Single creates stable ozone up to 70 ug/ml (gamma). This allows you to do the majority of ozone applications, including insufflations, ozonating water, breathing ozone bubbled through oil, using ozone syringes, topical ozone, and more. If you want to do ozone saunas, we recommend upgrading to the DUAL. The Single is the right choice if you want greater flexibility and a wide variety of ozone outputs.

The O3Elite: Designed with a lifetime of use in mind

The O3Elite was created after years of working with ozone generators from other manufacturers. We wanted a unit that was easy to use, provided ultra high-quality ozone, with a number of important features, and superior quality control. The O3Elite exceeded even our high expectations.

The O3Elite is the next generation of low-wattage, low-frequency ozone generators. Unlike dangerous high-voltage glass cell generators, the O3Elite will never burn out, is very quiet, and operates cool so the ozone is not destroyed by heat (this provides a more stable ozone output.  The O3Elite comes standard with Luer locks, universal worldwide voltage, wall mounts, and cleanable cells. 

What you get with the O3Elite Single

  • O3Elite Single Ozone Generator
  • Five feet silicone tubing with Luer lock adapter
  • Five feet oxygen tubing with Luer lock adapter
  • Two PVDF Luer fit adapters
  • Instruction Manual
  • Gamma (ug/ml) Chart
  • Power Adapter
  • Ozone-resistant check valve
  • Luer lock caps
  • Wall mounts
  • Lifetime Warranty 


  • VDC Universal Power
  • Input 100-240 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 amps
  • Voltage 12 VDC
  • Oxygen feed required
  • Ozone output up to 70 Ug/ml (gammas)
  • 3/16" inner tube size; 5/16" outer tube size
  • Dimensions: 10"x7.5"x3" painted aluminum
  • All ozone-resistant components


Specifications in Brief

Universal Voltage

Use it anywhere in the world without a step-down transformer.

Quiet, Efficient Ozone Cell

Ultra-pure ozone without the noise of other units.

Ceramic Ozone Cells

Just as ozone-resistant and pure as glass without the potential burnout.

Luer Lock Connections

Tubing locks on securely with no slippage.

Cold Ozone Production

No heat degrades the ozone; no need for fans; cold corona.

Ultra Pure Ozone

With very low voltage which is safer for you; up to 70 gamma.


Talk to us if you need modified output or other specific applications.

Made in the USA

All parts are manufactured in the US and each unit is checked by hand by us.

Ozone Resistant Parts

All ozone-resistant components for strength and durability.

Lifetime Warranty

Feel secure with your purchase. We've got you covered.

CE Approved

110-240 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 amps.

Wall Mount Holes

On a table or on the wall, place your O3Elite where you need it.

Easy Maintenance

The O3Elite is simple to maintain for a longer life and quality use.

    Safety and efficiency are our top priority

    All of the components of the O3Elite are manufactured in the United States, including the ceramic ozone cells. Because the O3Elite operates at a mere 1.5 amps, ETL and UL approval are not necessary and operation is safer.

    In fact, the O3Elite is the safest ozone generator available.

    Each O3Elite Ozone Generator is individually tested for ozone output and efficiency in our lab before shipping.

    The importance of cold ozone production and stability

    The O3Elite Ozonator runs with either an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen tank (sold separately). It features Cold Ozone Production with no excess heat and produces stable ozone concentrations at different oxygen flow rates. The concentration won't diminish over time. Between the settings on the ozone generator and the various flow rates available from your oxygen source, you can create a specified range of output up to 65 ug/ml. We include an easy to read chart showing how to get the precise gamma level you desire.

    Cold Ozone Technology with ceramic cells creates stronger, more efficient ozone production with minimum voltage input. Because the cells are so efficient they produce next to no noise. Machines with glass cells can create a lot of noise and heat, making them far less than ideal for ozone therapy.

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